100% Organic

Our kombucha has absolutely no nasties! We only use simple, raw ingredients. No GMO’s, artificial additives or preservatives.

Quality Ingredients

We source every kombucha ingredient by hand. We only use organic and ethical suppliers for our production, from source to bottle.

Giving Back

The Black Mambas are an anti-poaching unit who work to protect the endangered South African wildlife. You support them through every sale.

What is

Kombucha is a live cultured, fermented, health drink, that is low in sugar and naturally rich in beneficial bacteria, antioxidants, organic acids, amino acids and vitamins. These naturally occurring properties can help with your gut and digestion, improve energy levels, boost your immune system and more.

At the PJ Kombuchery, we follow the traditional method of brewing Kombucha, which includes the natural fermentation of sweet tea, with wild bacteria and yeasts.

Enjoy our Kombucha as a healthy alternative to high sugar soft drinks, instead of alcohol or as a cocktail mixer if you are feeling a bit cheeky.

Tart and Refreshing

Our Original flavour Kombucha has been crafted with only the essential ingredients to keep it cool and crisp with a slight sour undertone. It is a deliciously balanced flavour and is the perfect pick me up at any time of the day.

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Ginger and Lime
Crisp and Spicy

The heat of fresh Peruvian ginger root and the complimentary sour tones of Brazilian limes will exhilarate your palate. Our Ginger & Lime Kombucha has been compared to a refreshing and light, healthy ginger beer.

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Orange and Hibiscus
Zesty and Sour

Whole Egyptian Hibiscus flowers and dried Brazilian oranges give our
Orange Hibiscus its vibrant red colour and zesty aroma. Flowery with cranberry undertones and a sweet, warm zest of orange on finish,
this offers the perfect balance for you to relax and enjoy.

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Kombucha 7 Pack – 100% Organic Kombucha

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How to Buy our Kombucha? 

PJ Kombucha comes in packs of 7 x 330ml glass bottles. Order before 3pm for Free Next Working Day Delivery. Subscribe & save 10% on every order.

Christmas Delivery Interruptions – During the following dates we will not be able to make deliveries: 13th – 19th, 24th-26th, and 31st-1st.


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Dr Asim Iqbal
``As a doctor, who realises the importance of digestive health, the benefits of kombucha are well known. In addition to all the probiotics, the detoxification and immune system benefits are starting to come to light.

PJ Kombucha is without a doubt, the best Kombucha I have tried. Plus it is made from organic ingredients. What more could you want ?!``

- Dr Asim Iqbal
Natalie Birch
``I think it's great! It's already helped me in the short time I've been drinking it and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking to kickstart a healthier lifestyle``
- Natalie Birch