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'All disease begins in the gut' -

Hippocrates, 275 B.C.

Gut Health
Starter Pack

We have designed this pack for the Kombucha newbie, the one who has never had this mindblowing drink before and who is about to become a convert! Order now and start your gut health journey tomorrow.

Gut Health Starter Pack

What is

Kombucha is a fermented tea that is naturally rich in live cultures. These cultures are fantastic at looking after your gut health and digestive system. PJ Kombucha is organic and low in sugar


At PJ Kombucha we are all about helping people, communities and environments Thrive. Our aim is to champion and celebrate the different ways people become their best selves. We want to show you that everyone is different in how....


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Kombucha Blog

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Weak Immune System & PJ Kombucha

In January this year, we received such a lovely ‘Thank You’ email, we had to share it with you all. A customer of ours is a student finishing ......

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Kombucha Kause

Every bottle of PJ Kombucha you purchase, supports the Black Mambas, a UN award winning anti-poaching unit in South Africa ...