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100% Organic & Vegan

Our Kombucha is vegan registered with The Vegan Society & has absolutely no nasties! No GMO’s, artificial additives or preservatives.

Unmanipulated & Raw

PJ Kombucha is never pasteurized or over manipulated in any way. This creates a premium, culture-rich Kombucha for you to enjoy.

Giving Back

The Black Mambas are an anti-poaching unit who work to protect the endangered South African wildlife. You support them through every sale.

What is

PJ Kombucha is a live-cultured, fermented tea that naturally and deliciously restores and maintains your beneficial gut bacteria.

Looking after your gut will help to jump-start your energy levels, support your immune system, improve your mood, detox the body, and generally improve the overall health and well being of your body.

And PJ Kombucha can help your body achieve this without all the sugar and calories in other drinks.

All our flavours are low in sugar and calories and high in naturally occurring vitamins, organic acids, amino acids and digestive enzymes that will have you thriving from the inside out.

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Kombucha 7 Pack – 100% Organic Kombucha

From: £25.20 / month

How to Buy our Kombucha? 

PJ Kombucha comes in packs of 7 x 330ml glass bottles. Order before 3pm for Free Next Working Day Delivery. Subscribe & save 10% on every order.


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Dr Asim Iqbal
``As a doctor, who realises the importance of digestive health, the benefits of kombucha are well known. In addition to all the probiotics, the detoxification and immune system benefits are starting to come to light.

PJ Kombucha is without a doubt, the best Kombucha I have tried. Plus it is made from organic ingredients. What more could you want ?!``

- Dr Asim Iqbal
Dr Idalia Dawidowska
``Over recent years science uncovers the fascinating world of microbes inhabiting human digestive system and the impact it has on our health and wellbeing. Obesity, allergies, autoimmune diseases and even mental conditions such as depression are now linked to who lives and dominates in our gut. Although many questions remain unanswered, to me as a doctor and researcher its quite clear that cultivating the desirable make up of gut microbes pays off!

Kombucha, together with other cultured live food and beverages is one good way of doing this.

PJ Kombucha stands out as a GREAT tasting kombucha``

- Dr Idalia Dawidowska
Julia Smith
``Love my monthly subscription package. I love the fact that I can have a delicious, chilled, bit of fiz that's actually good for me 😊Ginger and lime is delicious as a fizzy variety as are the others. Thanks PJ Kombucha for putting a bit of goodness into the world
- Julia Smith