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Kombucha – It’s Eastern Beginnings

B. King is a nutritionalist and PJ Kombucha advocate. She has been buying PJ Kombucha since the beginning and has written us a blog on the benefits.

“Kombucha is an ancient food that originally came from the East. The process of fermentation that it goes through is the reason why it has healing properties. In the East, they call it the ‘magic fungus’ and it can work wonders in helping us to stay healthy.

The process of fermentation produces ‘good bowel flora’. These good bacteria have a huge impact in our health because they regenerate bowel flora. Bowel flora is the good bacteria that keeps us healthy and they help the body to:

– regenerate bowel flora
– manufacture B vitamins, A and K
– help with digestion
– normalise cholesterol
– fight infections
– break down hormones
– promote healthy metabolism and many more functions.

I have been buying PJ Kombucha since they started selling it and it is one of the nicest and more palatable Kombuchas I have tried.

B. King”

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