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Get To Know, Sarah Grant -The PJ Kombucha Nutritionist

We met Sarah early in 2017 and from that minute on, we knew we had to work with her! …

Sarah has been on her own nutritional journey over the last ten years. When a stressful job combined with personal and family issues started to take their toll on her health, Sarah became interested in nutrition and soon realised the impact that diet could make to her own well-being.

When and how did you discover the importance of gut health? 
It was early on in my training as a nutritional therapist about 6 or 7 years ago – it became very clear, very quickly that a healthy gut is a key foundation for a healthy body. Particularly as an IBS sufferer, the science clicked with me, and then when I started making positive changes to my diet and nutrition, it was such a revelation that I could take my digestive health into my own hands and get great results.

What simple tip could you offer people on Gut Health?
Slow down! This is one piece of advice that most people can benefit from putting into practice when they eat. Digestion starts in the mouth with chewing food which exposes it to enzymes in our saliva and helps to signal the secretion of stomach acid and digestive enzymes. So, eat slowly and as mindfully as possible (plus this may also help improve satisfaction from meals and maintaining a healthy weight too).

What are some daily gut-friendly routines that you employ to look after your gut? 
I always include plenty of vegetables, beans, seeds, nuts and a little fruit in my daily diet as I believe that a variety of plant-based fibres help support a diverse variety of microflora and help make for a happy gut. I also make sure I get my fill of fermented foods which are rich in beneficial bacteria. I enjoy kefir with my breakfast in the morning, a little sauerkraut with my lunch and kombucha – well, that’s really delicious anytime.

Who has been the most influential person on your gut health journey? 
I don’t think there has been any one single person. I’ve learned about it through an array of sources over the years and I like getting different perspectives on it. But I do remember going to a brilliant seminar once on gut health by a nutritional therapist called Allesandro Ferretti and that definitely took my interest to another level.

What 3 words, would your best friend use to describe you?

Thoughtful, diligent, passionate (I asked her!)

What is your favourite quote? 
I love ‘trust your gut’ (and I absolutely do!) but my very favourite is one from my mum: “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!” That’s obviously not one for the vegans out there, haha, but I have still found it to be a super analogy in life for tackling life’s challenges and getting things done…

Sarah set up her own business, Gut Reaction 5 years ago, to offer a highly personalised and committed approach to advising and supporting clients, to help address their nutritional needs and habits and transform their health. Sarah works with individuals who need to perform in their work and private lives, including successful professional business owners and senior personnel, as well as support for a number of high-profile personal trainers, boutique spas and members clubs.

If you have any questions for Sarah, leave them in the comments below and we will be sure to pass them on!

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