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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Weak Immune System & PJ Kombucha

In January this year, we received such a lovely ‘Thank You’ email, we had to share it with you all. A customer of ours is a student finishing her A-levels and who is about to explore the Amazon.

“Hey pj kombucha,

just wanted to contact the company to say thank you!

I was diagnosed with glandular fever last year which developed into chronic fatigue syndrome and my neutrophil levels were incredibly low on top of the generally weak immune system.

I have been vegetarian for almost 3 years now but my doctor advised me to avoid excessive dairy as well to help my energy ( I cut out dairy before but never at the same time as being vege!) so I basically had to become vegan. The meals were quite easy to make as I had been making lots of vegan stuff in the past but I struggled to find healthy snacks & drinks that would not only stop me feeling ill but actually help me recover too.

I was searching for healthy alternatives when I found your stuff and I’ve been buying it ever since ahahah!

Your products have genuinely been a lifesaver for me as at the beginning of the whole health ordeal, I ended up not eating enough as I simply couldn’t find things to replace my original diet.

Over the last six months since I found your products I’ve continued to improve in health which has been insanely important as I have my A-levels in just a few months, so recovery time has been crucial.

I’m going to be spending 5 weeks exploring the Peruvian Amazon in the summer and I have already asked my organisation what I can bring with me 😂

So yeah! I just wanted you to know how important your company is, not just for providing the products but giving me the ability to recover!


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