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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Weak Immune System & PJ Kombucha

In January this year, we received such a lovely ‘Thank You’ email, we had to share it with you all. A customer of ours is a student finishing her A-levels and who is about to explore the Amazon. “Hey pj kombucha, I just wanted to contact the company to say thank you! I was diagnosed with glandular fever last year which developed into chronic fatigue…

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Dr Asim Iqbal, Candida & PJ Kombucha

Dr Asim Iqbal is a consultant anaesthetist for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham and he ordered his first batch of PJ Kombucha in June 2017. Since then, Dr Iqbal has been one of our most regular subscribers, ordering one 7 pack on a weekly basis. As some deliveries are still personally delivered, specifically those close…

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