A Doctor's Gut Dysbiosis & How PJ Kombucha Helped!

Dr Asim Iqbal is a consultant anaesthetist for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham and he ordered his first batch of PJ Kombucha in June 2017. Since then, Dr Iqbal has been one of our most regular subscribers, ordering one 7 pack on a weekly basis. As some deliveries are still personally delivered, specifically those close to our family run Kombucha brewery here in Birmingham, I have got to know Dr. Iqbal and asked him to share his story with you. Here is Dr Iqbal’s journey and experience drinking our delicious kombucha on a regular basis.

“My encounter with PJ Kombucha started relatively recently, with me trying to rid my digestive system’s candida overgrowth.

A bit of background about me. I am a hospital doctor (Anaesthetist) who has an interest in nutrition and strength training outside of work. I’ve had a fungal nail infection for years. I’ve tried literally everything for treating this and I’ve even had the toenail removed, to no avail. The infection always returned.

Upon researching the topic more,

I discovered that intestinal candida overgrowth may be accounting for my fungal nail infection,

especially as it keeps coming back. When I was a child, I received frequent courses of antibiotics. These, as well as treating infection, ended up killing the good bacteria in my bowel. This allowed the candida to flourish, like weeds overtaking a garden.

Within our guts, there are literally trillions of bacteria (about 37 trillion), making out to be about 3 times as many bacteria as human cells, which number about 10 trillion. Having a balance of beneficial bacteria within the gut helps promote a healthy digestive system.

Not long ago,  I decided to modify my diet to kill off the candida and restore balance to my gut microbiome (which is a fancy word for the community of bacteria). I’ve added probiotics and prebiotics to my diet to support the growth of the good bacteria in my bowel. Probiotics are the good bacteria that help keep the digestive system healthy and prebiotics are the food for the good bacteria. Drinking PJ Kombucha has been a key part of this, as kombucha is loaded with both.

Unpasteurised PJ Kombucha, sold here, is exactly what you need,

as pasteurisation kills off the bacteria that could benefit your digestive system.

The fact that PJ Kombucha is organic is awesome too! And above all, it tastes fantastic! What more could you ask for??

(Oh, by the way, the fungal nail infection has gone!)”


Dr Iqbal continues to work at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, but will soon be opening his own practice, with some focus on Nutrition and Gut Health. For more information on Dr Iqbal, click here


If you have felt some benefits from drinking PJ Kombucha, leave us your experience in the comments section below, we would love to hear all about it!

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