Three years ago, Patrick O'Connor (or Paddy as he's known to by his friends) crafted the first batch of PJ Kombucha. After undergoing a strong dose of antibiotics, Paddy sought after a potent probiotic to replenish all the good bacteria lost in his gut. While traveling he came across Kombucha, did a little research and personal testing, and found the drink to be delicious, refreshing and revitalising.

He soon shared his discovery with his partner, Joel Hitchman, who for years suffered from intense heartburn. Joel found that drinking PJ Kombucha on a regular basis relieved his symptoms. Sharing the discovery further, friends and family soon praised the drink for helping with their symptoms of IBS, lack of energy and weight loss.

Over the years, Paddy has fine tuned his method of brewing Kombucha. Each batch is crafted by hand, using a natural, live Mother Scoby (short for Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast), traditional methods and the finest ingredients. This creates a raw, unpasteurised, live drink that Paddy now shares with you.

PJ Kombucha is a small, start up run by Paddy and Joel (the initials in 'PJ') and is currently located in Birmingham. They are both passionate about sharing their knowledge of the benefits of Kombucha and truly believe in what it offers.

They aim to create the best tasting Kombucha around and to share the goodness with as many people as possible, while committing to quality and traditional methods.

Paddy and Joel currently live in Birmingham. They love to travel and explore other countries, culture and food. They believe in living a healthy, balanced lifestyle and going after what you are passionate about. They love being outdoors, hiking and enjoying life!