Do I need to keep my PJ Kombucha in the fridge?

Yes. We recommend you store PJ Kombucha at or below 4 degrees Celsius. PJ Kombucha is a raw, authentic, live drink and storing it like this will help to maintain its quality, integrity and keep it tasting its best.

How long does my PJ Kombucha last after opened?
We recommend consuming your PJ Kombucha within 3 days after opening and always keep it refrigerated. Once opened, the Kombucha will start to lose its fizz.

What are the floaty bits in my Kombucha?
Don’t worry! Strands of Kombucha or blobs of a baby ‘SCOBY’ may appear in your kombucha. At first, these may seem weird but rest assured these are a sign of a natural, healthy and raw Kombucha. They are good for you and perfectly safe to consume.

In our Ginger & Lime PJ Kombucha, the floaty stuff will be fresh ginger and lime bits. We cold press our ginger and limes to extract the juice, ensuring the natural vitamins and enzymes found in the fruit remain intact. Just gently tip the bottle back and forth to mix these natural bits in.

Does Kombucha contain alcohol?
Like many fermented foods and drinks, trace amounts of alcohol are produced during the natural fermentation process. We test our Kombucha regularly to ensure that this does not go above 0.5% ABV (the legal non-alcoholic level). It’s good to know that some fruit juices and soft drinks also have similar alcohol levels.

Is PJ Kombucha pasteurised?
Absolutely not! Our Kombucha is never heated or treated which means that all of the beneficial bacteria, yeasts and organic acids remain healthy and intact.

What is the sugar content of PJ Kombucha?
Our product is low sugar at close to 3g per 100ml. We use unrefined cane sugar to brew our Kombucha as it is an essential component for the fermentation process. The natural yeasts in our batches consume the sugar during fermentation leaving only small amounts when bottling. Any extra sweetness tasted in our flavors comes from the natural ingredients that are added in after the fermentation is complete.

Can I consume Kombucha if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?
Pregnant and breastfeeding women have been safely consuming fermented foods and drinks for thousands of years, however, we recommend consulting a medical professional prior starting Kombucha.

Can children drink PJ Kombucha?
Absolutely! Kombucha is a perfect, healthy alternative to soft drinks for kids. Some people start by giving their children small amounts at the beginning.

What are some of the benefits behind drinking Kombucha?
Kombucha helps the body by giving your body what it needs, in the form of probiotics, organic acids and more. From this, the beneficial effects of Kombucha have been reported to include improved improved immune system, increased energy, digestive support and more.