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A lover of Kombucha, Paddy experimented with Kombucha the old fashioned way - in his mothers Kitchen, almost a decade ago. He started brewing Kombucha as he was on a serious gut health journey. After being on antibiotics for 9 months, which resulted in gut disbiosis and sensitivities to foods he never had, Paddy started drinking Kombucha for the live cultures and all rounded health benefits. 

Fast forward to 2016 and a healthy happy gut thanks to Kombcuha, he never knew that he would be starting a Kombucha Brewery!  

In 2016, Paddy began to produce Kombucha in the UK for family and friends and was soon encouraged to explore it as a business. With over 7 years’ experience in Kombucha production and with a background in scientific research, he put his skills to use and explored the UK market with his special blend of teas and traditional approach to Kombucha Brewing.

The first batch of PJ Kombucha was brewed, in his partners mother’s kitchen in Birmingham, using a raw, organic SCOBY and with his secret blend of tea.   

Dedicated to producing fresh authentic Kombucha, every batch is brewed with a commitment to quality and the traditional processes.

In 2017, PJ Kombucha needed bigger digs and thanks to the help of his family, managed to move to a large, custom built manufacturing facility. To date every bottle is still made with the same love and care, with all batches originating from the same original Mother Culture.

“I want to keep the process of brewing Kombucha as raw as possible. With PJ Kombucha, what you think you should be getting with Kombucha, is what you do get! No brewing from concentrates, absolute filtration, pasteurisation, preservatives or other B*** S*** here!.”

“It is a simple drink from the outside, but it is definitely a soft drink with some guts!.”


PJ Kombucha is batch brewed in the center of Birmingham, the UK's manufacturing powerhouse!

Birmingham is fast becoming the UK's fasted growing eclectic city, with a strong independent scene and culture. As Kombucha becomes mass produced and shipped across seas, it is more important than ever to make sure you trust your source and support those local businesses. 

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