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Sarah Grant

We are so proud to have Sarah Grant on the PJ Kombucha team as our official nutritionist to provide trusted advice on issues relating to the benefits of Kombucha and everything gut health.

Sarah is a registered nutritional therapist and health coach, whose business Gut Reaction, is fast gaining a reputation for her highly personalised and dedicated approach to nutrition support.

Sarah helps her clients reach their short- and long-term health goals including feeling more energised, managing a healthy weight, clearing-up digestive issues, balancing hormones – and embedding sustainable healthy eating habits along the way.

Sarah’s mantra is
“real food is at the core of gut health, and gut health is at the core of well being.

In her practice, she uses state-of-the-art nutri-genetic testing and digestive analysis to give her clients deeper insights into their bodies and personal nutritional requirements.

But her dietary approach always comes back to achieving a happy and healthy balance -

Which is ultimately about consistently enjoying a spectrum of nourishing and ridiculously delicious real foods as the basis of our daily intake and that’s why I am a big fan of PJ Kombucha!”.

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